Vector Gestion

Wealth management is our core business. Our expertise and independence enable us to adapt to your specific needs.

We provide other services with high added value.

Wealth management


Understanding your personal situation and expectations

Your future and your children’s future depends on competent wealth, tax and inheritance planning, and on the decisions you make today.

Your wealth manager will conduct an in-depth analysis of your wealth environment, your family and work history, and then identify your needs, constraints, time horizon, legal and tax environment.

 We also take an inventory of your future goals – the dreams you are pursuing, the projects you want to achieve, the constraints that will be imposed on you – as well as an assessment of your risk tolerance.


Defining a risk profile, building a portfolio and managing your assets

The above analysis allows us to determine your risk profile with the appropriate asset allocation. This asset allocation is further refined into your personal investment policy according to your needs and aspirations.

Your personalized investment policy goes through the rigorous review of our Investment Committee before implementation to ensure liquidity, volatility, performance and cost criteria are met. It is reviewed as and when changes occur in your personal circumstances or needs.

Our independence guarantees our ability to offer a wide array of suitable investment options including non-proprietary solutions. In addition, we pay particular attention to sustainable and ethical investments.


Persistent and precise tracking of your portfolio

to protect your assets at all times, we monitor your portfolio on a daily basis. this allows us to make tactical adjustments according to different phases of the financial cycles and ensures that the pre-determined risk profile and investment policy are respected.

We review the situation with you at the frequency of your choosing although we may communicate market developments as they happen.

Specialized services

Professional Athletes

Career tracking

In addition to our core wealth management business, we have developed a dedicated program for professional athletes which reflects the unique characteristics and challenges facing those pursuing such careers. Our experience shows that having already a tailored plan in place for a promising junior can add significant, tangible value, not only financially, but also in terms of peace-in-mind, allowing the athlete to focus on their sporting performance.

Our team in Lausanne has accompanied many athletes in several sports through their careers over the years, from local professionals to international superstars. We understand that a professional athlete’s career is a complex journey that includes family and other trusted  advisors, and our role is often more than that of “just” a financial planner. Our pro sport network includes top experts and services alongside the financial aspect, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Specialized services


Administrative assistance

When you are going through a period of insecurity or fragility, a pile of bills or correspondence can demoralize you or bring confusion to your life very easily. Therefore, it is urgent to delegate this administrative work to professionals to better concentrate on the pleasant aspects of your life.

Our Vector + services offering is totally adapted to you if you need quality support in personal administration. We take care of all the administrative procedures that you might have, including payments, mail management, health insurance, and others.